“Revival” My Ass…

When I came out of the supermarket today, I passed by a bulletin board with one of those Victory Outreach flyers pinned up on it.

Revival!  3 Days Only!  Don’t Miss It!

What a load of bs.  I hated that “revival” bullshit back when I was a bible-believing Christian, and I hate it even more now that I’m not.  As a christian I hated those manufactured revivals because, really…how do you schedule a revival?  You can schedule an evangelistic meeting or a bible study or one of those “crusades”…but a genuine revival is out of your hands.  It’s not something you pencil in on a Thursday.

But that was then.

Nowadays, all of this fake religious garbage is offensive to me.  It’s just stupid.  I had heard of Victory Outreach — since we have some here in Hawaii — but I thought they were just a small, local pentacostal church.  When I googled them I learned that they are all over the US and even in other countries.  And then a little further digging turned up the cultic nature of many of the VO programs and leaders.

This church is messed up.  I’m sure that there are tons of decent, well-meaning people that are hooked into VO, but ultimately they are just another religious cult and they’ve done a lot of damage to a lot of hurting, vulnerable people.  One thread I was reading about them had a response from a girl who’s in one of the Victory Outreach recovery homes, and you know she was defending them, of course.  But one line that she wrote really stood out to me:

“…stop blaspheming against the anointed ones, because God does not look kindly upon those who do that.”


Stop blaspheming the “anointed ones,” huh?  Or God’ll getcha!

CLASSIC cult thinking, right there.


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